Linux Web Hosting

Unlimited Websites Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited FTP and Email Accounts

Softaculus and Free Billing Software 24 x 7 Live Support

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2GB - 10 GB RAM 100 GB Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth 32bits and 64 bits Machines

Additional IPs cPanel WHM Instant Setup 24 x 7 Live Support

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Dedicated Server

CPU 4c – 20c 64 GB - 256 GB RAM Unlimited Bandwidth

Top Tier Network Additional IPs 24 x 7 Live Support

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Email Marketing and Newsletter

Daily Bulk Emails Instant SMTP Accounts VPS for Bulk Newsletters 100 % Delivery with stats

Dedicated Server for Bulk Email Marketing IP Blacklist Checking and Support SPF, DKIM, FBLs, Bulk Sender Forms Submission

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E-solutions Inc has set the standard for high-performance Web Solutions services. We are dedicated to provide the best Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers and Email Marketing services in the industry.

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Anti Spam Policy

You are only allowed to promote legitimate businesses which comply with the CAN SPAM Act and other applicable law. By subscribing to the Service, the User accepts to use it in compliance with the Anti-Spam Policy stated below.

Users must not modify the headers of any message in such a way that purposefully obfuscates the origin of the message.

Undeliverable addresses must be removed from all future mailings .

Have an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to opt-out of your email list.

Users are responsible for the practices of any affiliate program members they solicit the help of, as if they were hiring an outside advertising agency.

Email must contain your valid physical mailing address

Users using either outside advertising companies or 3rd party mailing programs must abide by the same policies and practices as those using servers forever’s own bulk mailing list tools.

All mailings must provide clear and simple to follow instructions for opting-out of future mailings, and all reasonable attempts must be made to facilitate the removal of a mailing list subscriber at their request.

You must use your Real Name or your real company name as a Sender Name for all email campaigns you send through our platform. Using fake or falsified sender name is not permitted and will block your service.

If a subscriber wants to stop receiving emails from you, you must respect his request and never send another message to such subscriber.